Ok so:

  • Sharing pictures of naked Dylan; ok.
  • Sharing pictures of naked Jennifer; not ok.
  • Pictures of naked Dylan; scandalous.
  • Pictures of naked Jennifer; not scandalous.
  • Sharing pictures of naked Dylan; funny and sexy.
  • Sharing pictures of naked Jennifer; you should be focusing on more important things, and the reaction of boys is predictable.
  • Fans enjoying naked pictures of Dylan; ok.
  • Fans enjoying naked pictures of Jennifer; what a bunch of predictable teenagers.
  • Dylan should take responsibility for the photos. “He owned up to it immediately.”
  • The photos shouldn’t change your opinion of Jennifer.

Personally I really don’t care about the actual photos, it’s not a surprise that celebrities have genitals just like everybody else. But I do find the reaction of the internet very interesting.

Why the double standard?

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"wow I’m really stoked to see what this 9th grader has to tell me about how the real world works"

- me every single time I come on this website

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Reminder that:

  • Mascots are terrible
  • they basically mock furries and otherkins
  • Do NOT support mascots
  • DON’T
  • Especially if they’re animals

This has been a Psa  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


I’ve never seen that gif applied more perfectly.

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and i here i was thinking all alone that being tran’s WASN’T a choice.. hmmm…

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Inspired by every student whose told they can’t be an artist because it doesn’t “make enough money”.

posts like this piss me off because it’s like “i don’t need financial security someone give me a trophy”. the people that have this mentality usually have never actually grown up poor or seen their loved ones suffer poverty. if your biggest qualm is “my parents won’t like it” you’re lucky.
lol like “open a yarn shop!!” you need to be completely blinded by privilege in order to have that line of thinking. like excuse me while i pull money out of my ass that i could use for rent or you know, food and medicine, in order to open a goddamn yarn shop, because you know, it’s so easy to open a business and pay the rent for it and the other expenses.
i personally don’t want to be an artist so this isn’t personal to me, but i am sure that there are individuals out there who want to be artists but can’t, and discrediting them for chasing “scraps of paper” is so damn disrespectful. if you have actually experienced hardship you’d know that those scraps of paper make the difference between your loved ones waiting 16 hours to see a doctor in the ER or have a hot meal or go to college. you’re not better than anyone for chasing your dream, you’re just lucky that you have that opportunity. determination can only get you so far unless you wanna starve to death and if you don’t see that then congrats on your privilege, enjoy it! also “it doesn’t take much to live comfortably”??? you’re hilarious.

Bolded because it’s fucking important.

thanks ^ A LOT.

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Learning languages is cultural appropriation.

'You don't look like you're of Hispanic heritage because you look white'

The Iberian peninsula suddenly sinks into the sea. White Latin Americans begin to vanish. The Basque people wonder what the hell is going on. Thousands of Germans get upset because they have nowhere to go on Holidays.

USA-centrism is at it again! 

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Photo of members of the infamous Dirlewanger Brigade. Note the SS camo smocks with Heer splinter camo face masks and field caps

Talk about creepy nasty motherfucker these guys were.

The notoriously infamous Dirlewanger brigade, named after it’s founder Oskar Dirlewanger a sadist who was previously convicted for pedophilia. It mostly consisted on volunteers from prisons, concentration camps, mental asylums, and collaborators. They were sadistic brutes known for raping, pillaging, and killing Poles and Ukranians to the point that even the regular army and other SS units were appalled by their behavior wanted them removed. The reason they couldn’t was because Oskar was buddies with Himmler. 

To add even more creepiness they went around wearing those masks…


Cool story.

These are Heer soldiers from the 7th Gebirgsdivision in Finland and have absolutely nothing to do with ‘Dirlewanger’ Brigade, or the spooky stories everyone loves circulating about scary masks. Do your homework kiddies…

Insightful. I’ll research more about it then. True WWII topics are always full of disinformation.

Misinformation of tumblr:
Searsh your fact before agreeing/donating/blindly reblogging, THANKS

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Feminists response to all of this is to blame the fucking Patriarchy.


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You know, for someone who acts like they are so unbothered by critique, that p-l-e-b-c-o-m-i-c-s person sure does enjoy trolling people’s blogs for any fucking mention of their name.

So what does it have to do with anything? If pleb is “trolling people’s blogs”, it’s because she really doesn’t care about critique, or she would have stopped? I don’t understand your logic, here

does MIRANDAADRIA not know that xkit is a thing

also isnt this some high school level of bs, gettin’ all “omg the person i was talking about behind her back, sort of is confronting me!! theyre so obsessed!

i think it goes to show just how miserable a debater/conversationalist my pal miranda here is. but dont blame her, she cant help being the way she is, born with an obvious disability—terminal foot-in-mouth

Lmao sorry I couldn’t resist
I love your comics btw

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oh man :(

i, for one, am excited to see what danny devito will bring to the table. i hope he and chris hemsworth have good chemistry

You son of a bitch ^. This is fake. First off, tom loves Loki so much and said that he could go on for 9 movies if they’d let him. Second of all, marvel is not stupid enough to recast Loki and lose all that money. I hope there is a special place in hell for you.


i hope you’re right about it being fake. I just cried so much when i read that tweet. i though to myself “They’re making that thing play LOKI? NO FUCKING WAY. NO. LOKI IS SUPPOSED TO BE BEAUTIFUL WHICH MEANS HE’S SUPPOSED TO BE TOM HIDDLESTON” I did not mean offence to the Danny dude, but that just made me very upset that someone would do this. Tom is Loki and if he decides to leave, Marvel should just quit making the movies. There’s no Marvel if there’s no Tom

See I’m not the only one who got upset by this. So stop saying “it’s a joke, chill.” Because it wasn’t funny!


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